Journey started with our foray in yarns – base core of a fabric which facilitate the fashion or the trend by way of different forms of apparels whether Indian or western. In this long journey we entered the textile processing industry to give the colors and feel to enrich the fabrics for the shape they are made for.

With affiliations to weavers and business from yarn to fabric finishing, we started our garmenting – initially with customized designer apparels. Strength in the versatility and range of fabrics, prints and colors with garmenting helped us to give edge in fashion and styles.

We currently put our strength of more then 1000 trained employees working in our textile processing unit and Garmenting units, we are here to make a mark in the world of Fashion.


Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place.

At Stitch Circle we understand that fashion intelligence is the art of application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing. Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behaviour and the newest creations of textile designers.

Lead by A Crew of Young idealistic Designers And Artists with Oozing Creativity – spot, nurture, breed and have the most Humble Yet Radical Insight.

Our family follows their Intuition with Little attention to where the crowd is headed with good eye for color, texture and shape, possess technical skills with ability to spot and develop trends.


The fashion intelligence at Stitch Circle breeds on our versatility of fabrics, prints, feel and designs.

When you know the yarn the fabric can easily be imagined and created for a fashion statement. Ability to select and create fabrics with designer weaves whether polyester, nylon, cotton, viscose, modal, linen or their blends are the strength of our resources.
Fashion states colors and the moods the apparel forms.

Life giving prints and colors are the strength with our in house fabric processing, hand & digital printing. Not to mention apparel lives on its feel to set the mood for which it is worn.


A team of business professionals like an Industrialist, marketing professionals and fashion designer, hailing from India’s largest textile centre- SURAT.

  • Professional but Young and fresh designers to flare fashion.
  • Marketing team to understand the market, trends and interpret the needs in apparels.
  • Production team to understand the quality in fabrics, design and garmenting.
  • It’s proud to mention that our administrative strength with marketing team, working hard to serve best for what we are known for.


“We Endeavour to get closer to our customers, intimate enough to tell them what they need even before they realize it themselves”

This sole philosophy is the pillar of our growth, based on the patronage we not only enjoy from our customers but also from our suppliers. We boast of clients and suppliers who are with us from more than a decade. We take pride in direct and indirect customers from Asia to North America & UK.

Our Mission

“We love the art of manufacturing clothing, and the tasks related to it. Playing with colours, fabrics, prints, styles and the chaos of meeting deadlines. Our aim is to simplify the clothing manufacturing for our clients by providing high quality products, superior services within the turnaround time.”


Our Vision

“To provide a world class garment sourcing solutions to our clients across the globe and become the most admired fashion clothing manufacturing company in terms of international quality standards, customer services and workmanship.”